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Trying to get lost

So I am on day three of NaNoWriMo and day one was a brilliant success. Day two got axed due to my nannying job and watching the baby for nearly 12 hours. And tonight I have written 44 words and find myself staring at my phone, willing texts to arrive. I think it’s like cloudbusting. Massive amount of concentration to get one little thing accomplished.
It’s a hugely good thing I don’t have Internet except here on my phone! I would no doubt be on WoW and call it research.
Since blogging is so not a way to get my word quota I shall bid you adieu until another time and another place.



Of squatting things and bulging eyes

So. I am a writer. And as such, My belief system is based on my statement of “Reality is in the mind of the beholder.” I have 4 days to move my apartment into storage and that is a reality that is not in my head. As hard as I try to get the idea in there, it refuses to budge. Instead it squats and stares at me with bulging eyes.

This is an ending for me. A big one that I don’t like. My 18 year old daughter is moving out. Technically she is moving in with her grandparents so it isn’t like she is flying the nest. I’m still tortured by the knowledge that my baby is growing up and this is the last of the last – oh, until next time. They do return and are never really gone blahbity blah…

I am moving into a friends house though. So this is a beginning for me. I’m moving in to be nanny to her son and to write. The freedom from rent and bills! To play with a baby all day and then writewriteWRITE!

L, gotta actually move then instead of blog. How do I get that squatting thing inside my head??

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